ON TRACK for a Life of Excellence (Book)

ON TRACK for a Life of Excellence (Book)

Every success on the track, every win in life, has a price tag. The greater the value the greater the price.  The question is “Will you pay it?”

Live a life of excellence by being exceptional in a worthy endeavor. Plan your race, race your plan, stay on track, stay in control of your life and don’t let life control you. Listen to your coaches. Change intentionally when you decide to, not because someone pulls you off track.  

Author and Hall of Fame Coach, Chick Hislop, reaches back through half a century of coaching, relating stories of student athletes and fellow coaches, who motivated, inspired and taught him to stay On Track in his journey through life.

A few of Coach Chick Hislop’s accolade’s 

  • 1996 Olympic Distance Coach

  • United States Track Coach Hall of Fall

  • Weber State University Hall of Fall

  • 1991 NCAA Cross Country Coach of the Year

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